Do Granite Wall Tiles Coordinate Well With Granite Countertops?

Granite for countertop has been the best option for many centuries now, and no other material has been able to replace the charm of granite till now. Granite stones are uniquely characterised by their grain, venation and subtle coloured backgrounds. The different colour combinations in the venation patterns are something that are unbeatable. Many homeowners and designers alike like the earthy subtlety of the colours and venation patterns of granite. Other features like the durability, strength, ease of maintenance, etc also influence their decision for using it as countertop. The one question that comes to everyone’s mind is, does it look good if the same stone is continued on the backsplashes and walls? There is always a debate when you consider this option. Some are of the opinion that the busy countertops when continued on the walls using Granite wall tiles may create a too-crowded outlook. But, personally I feel that depending on the colour and venation pattern of the granite, you can continue it on the backsplashes and walls.

Granite Wall Tiles

Light coloured granite tiles with subtle patterns, look great when you use them on the countertops, backsplashes, and kitchen islands. They provide an even and coordinated look to the entire room. When you go for this kind of design, where the granite wall tiles match the slabs on the countertops, keep the styling of the cabinets simple. Use a lighter coordinating shade and let the granite be the hero. Use good lighting fixtures that enhance the look of the granite. When you use this stone to decorate your interiors, you seldom go wrong. Just concentrate on using lighter shades and less patterned stones for that elegant impact.

Granite wall tiles can also be used on the walls around the mirrors in the bathroom. This creates a regal vanity space, which can be maintained very easily. Tub surrounds, and even the walls of the shower look amazing when you use granite. Use these wall tiles to cover the entire walls of the shower enclosed by glass, and see the mesmerising and shiny effect of granite. Match the wall tiles with the floor tiles, and ensure that the colours do not clash with each other. Another great way of using granite wall tiles is as a fireplace surround. These tiles are resistant to heat and provide a classy finish to the fireplaces. Play with the colours and patterns and choose the best granite for the countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen. For more information visit Tiles Granite

Simon Harris writes on Home Improvement, visit his Google profile.


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