Natural Stone Tiles Are Versatile – They Work Well On Countertops, Floors, Walls And Many Other Applications

Nowadays Versatile stone is becoming the popularly chosen tile, by many customers to make their home unique and durable. Natural stone tiles are flexible options that can be used anywhere in the home. They come in different shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, finishes, surfaces, and even in unique and odd shapes. You can also get some imitation stones, but they are not equal to the natural stones in many characteristics.


Popularity of Natural stone is because it allows you to create your own interesting feature by keeping the same overall design and style throughout your home.  And natural stones are easy to clean and maintain. Many home owners prefer natural stones, as unlike artificial stones they do not fade or crack soon. The more compact versions of natural stones are commonly used in bathroom walls and floors, countertops, backsplashes, fireplace, patios, and entrances. Each stone varies from each other by their characteristics and appearances. Most of the natural stones are porous and need a sealant after installation. Each tile of natural stone is unique and has a variation in venation. This is one of the characteristic feature of natural stone, which can be cleverly taken advantage of.

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Seal The Granite Tiles Properly To Get A Practical Yet Stunning Floor

Do you know that Granite tiles have many pores on the surface? These pores are visible to normal eye and you have to close the pores while installing. If the pores are not sealed, then moisture penetrates into the tiles and decreases the vividness of the surface. Let me give you some tips in sealing the tiles and you can save money by doing it on your own.

Granite Tiles

You have to clean the tiles with water and soap to remove the oil and grease stains present on the surface. Let them to dry completely before applying the sealer. You have to wait for one day to dry and then, apply the sealer. You have to buy a penetrating sealer for these tiles and apply them in even strokes and they will penetrate into the pores of the tiles. Remove the excessive sealer and allow them to dry for one day.

After drying, you have to apply another coat of sealant and then, allow them to dry. When the surface is dried, you can test the tiles by applying a drop of water on the surface. If the water penetrates into the surface, then the tiles are not sealed properly. You have to seal them once again.

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Tips To Clean Wax From Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy granite is eye catching when you use them for interiors. Black galaxy granite is hard material and increase the retail value of the house when you’re selling. They are pleasing to the eyes  and are durable if you maintain them properly The oil present in wax penetrates into the stone and reduces the intensity of the tiles. You should clear them on time for enhancing the appearance.

Black Galaxy Granite

You have to use a scraper to get rid of the wax present on the surface of the tiles. You have to do the process carefully and make sure that you are not scratching the tiles. If you have sealed the granite while installing then, the wax can be removed easily. The top of the wax comes easily and to take off the bottom part, you have to use methylene chloride. You have to wear leather gloves while using the solutions and make sure that you don’t damage the tiles. Allow them to sit on the tiles so, that they work on the wax and rub the surface with soft bristled brush. If a little amount of wax is present, apply lemon juice and then clean the floor. Wash the entire surface with fresh water and dry them using a towel.

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Cost Effective Way Of Installing Kitchen Countertop Using Star Galaxy Granite Tiles

There are enormous ways to buy Star galaxy granite tiles. They have become increasingly popular in the current decade. Apart from kitchen countertops, they are used on walls and as floors in many bathrooms, kitchens and commercial buildings. The main purpose of choosing this tile is that they are highly durable and last for many years. Additionally, star galaxy granite tiles require less maintenance. The main advantage of using these tiles is that they are not porous as marbles are and does not require any sealant if you are using in moisture proof areas.


Another advantage is that they are water and stain resistant and harder than any other material. Granite tiles are costly but you can get them in cheap price through discounts, factory outlets, and combining coupons but make sure they are free from cracks and breaks. Often, many tiling suppliers sell star galaxy granite tiles with discounts at a particular season. So, you can use this opportunity to buy this affordable tiling option for your kitchen countertops. You can also embellish these tiles with medallions so that, the space looks stunning and lively. These tiles are a real investment as they increase the resale value of the house.

Stone Cleaning Products Are The Best For Stunning Natural Stone Tiles

Biodegradable cleanser- use Biodegradable products for cleaning ceramic, porcelain, slate and granite ties. Often porcelain, travertine, ceramic and limestone tiles get etched and damaged with harmful cleanser. So, it is necessary to use Biodegradable cleanser to clean them. Biodegradable ones contain natural products from plants extract. Clean your tiles once or twice a week with to create a bright space. Biodegradable products do not allow the formation of mold and mildew on the tiles surface and even fungi growth can be prevented.

Natural extract from plants do not harm Natural stone Tiles and retain their original shine for many years. You can use ammonia powder remove tough stains. Applying ammonia to grout line and on the surface of tiles prevent them from colour fading. Another cleaning agent for natural tiles is the bleaching solution. Applying this on your tiles not only makes the area clean but also withstands fungal attack. Bleaching agent prevents bacterial growth thus, leaving the surface clean and hygienic. These days lot of online stores sells natural cleaners with great discounts. You can get scented or unscented ones according to your requirement. You can also try using white vinegar to clean the surface as it is one of the best natural cleaners. For more information visit Tiles

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Preventive Maintenance For Granite Tile Can Save You Many Repairs In The Future

Granite tile requires regular maintenance to make their surface gleam forever. This saves the tiles from future damages but when you’re not cleaning the stains on time, you may have to replace the tiles.

Clean the surface daily to remove the dust and debris and, this helps the floors from accumulating more dust at the corners. Clean them whenever you get time to make them shine for every minute. Use only clean mop for this purpose and do not allow them to be wet for long hours.

Wash the floors with a damp sponge at least once in a month to clean the stains. Use dish wash liquid with warm water for this purpose and clean the surface completely. After using the solution, wash the surface with fresh water and do not allow any solution to dry on the floors. This removes all the stains and you can carry out the process whenever any spills occur. Clear the spills on time otherwise they will turn up into hard stains when they become dry.

Seal the floor once in a year and use penetrating sealer for granite. Apply two to three coatings of sealant to safeguard the surface and create a stunning effect.

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Factors To Consider For Locating A Professional Granite Supplier

Are you sure you have chosen the right material for redesigning the interiors of your kitchen? Are you considering installing granite countertops to add a stunning look on your kitchen? If yes, then it is advisable to purchase granite tiles from a reputed and professional Granite supplier having good name and reputation, as well as delivering the tiles on time. The numerous tile suppliers selling granite tiles are sure to confuse any homeowner but following the necessary steps can make things easy and simple. Read this article to learn the right ways of locating a professional granite tiles supplier.

Tips to find a Professional Granite Supplier:

  • Searching the yellow pages can help homeowners find the list of granite suppliers selling these tiling materials in their city. It is advisable to prepare a list of three or four popular granite tile suppliers and visit them personally to know the different designs and colors of these tiling materials that are sold in the market.
  • Searching the web is another good and simple to find popular granite tile suppliers and reading reviews can help homeowners know if their customers recommend them. Many popular granite tile suppliers have website and it is important to read the testimonial written by their customers.
  • Another easy and simple way of finding a professional granite supplier is through references. Homeowners should ask their friends and relatives if they have installed granite countertops in their kitchen, then they can provide information about the granite supplier they have purchased the tiles from.

Research is important, as this can help homeowners zero in on a professional granite supplier and buy quality materials that would last long for many years.

Easy Cleaning Tips For Black Galaxy Granite And Make It Last A Lifetime

Do you know that Black galaxy granite is popular for countertops? Yes, when you use them for countertops, your cleaning job is simplified. They are hard and do not get stains easily. They are durable and you have to take good care of them to make them stay longer.

Mop the floor daily after usage and remove the dust particles. You can use a dust pan and broom to get rid of them. Use the cleaner made for granite tiles and for hard stains, use lemon juice. You should not allow lemon juice to stay on the surface for longer. This reduces the sheen on the surface so; clean them as early as possible. If any thing is stuck on the surface then, use razor blade to remove them. Work carefully with the razor blade. Do not be afraid of blade touching the surface as these are scratch resistant.

After cleaning the surface, use a sealant to protect the surface from spills and stains. Read the instruction given on the label of sealant and then, use them accordingly and allow them to dry. You can apply three to four coats of sealant for more protection.

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What Questions You Should Ask The Granite Supplier Before Buying Tiles

Are you planning to renovate your home? Then, you can use granite tiles as they offer an elegant look to the house. You have to check with your Granite supplier for few things before buying the materials.

You have to ask the supplier about the quality of the materials. Get details about the company history and then see the reviews about the company in the website. Check whether all the latest models are available with him and get them only if he has the modern patterns. Then ask them about the warranty of the materials. You should not get the tiles if there is no warranty. You can also ask him about the discounts they offer when purchasing in bulk. Ask them, whether sealant is required at the time of installation. Some suppliers even offer grout and sealant with the tiles, so enquire them about that as well.

Ask them whether they have professionals to install the tiles and also check after how many years, you have to reseal the tiles. You can also get details about the care and maintenance procedures required for these tiles from them. Get some samples for reference and then place the order for the tiles.

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Decorating The Home With Star Galaxy Granite Tiles

Do you know that Star galaxy granite tiles are ideal option for home renovation? You can create a formal, modern and traditional look with these tiles. They look perfect on the walls and floors of the kitchens and bathrooms. You can get them in various designs and they are easily affordable. Since granite is a strong material they last for many years. You can install them on the areas where there is heavy traffic. The tiny mirrors on the surface reflect light in a wonderful way. Black colour is popular option for the bathrooms and they provide a clean and hygienic look.

You can use them for kitchen countertops, as they are always clean and easy to maintain. They do not scratch or stain easily and you can use a white grouting for these tiles. Large tiles are more ideal than the smaller ones. You can use them for both the interior and exterior decoration. The glittering effect will make you feel happy.